Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snoopy Goodies Jars

One of my bestest friends gave me this for Christmas! You can't really appreciate how special this is except that I have the next smaller size in this series. I first got it when I was in college. (We won't say how long ago that was.) I kept that thing for years and had it on my desk at my office wherever I worked. This included Briarwood, my current job. Well, it made it through 20 years of my life just to be broken on my desk at Briarwood. Miraculously I found a replacement at the local flea market for only $5. But would you believe this one was broken, too, at work!? No more Snoopy Goodies jars for work!

So I was distraught for quite a while over this until another friend and I went on the Hwy 127 Longest Yard Sale trip. I even had folks praying I would find one. We spent 3 days riding up from Crossville, TN, to Covington, KY, with no luck. At the very last stop, I spotted the top of a jar that might be it behind another jar on this endless table of stuff. When I pulled it out from behind, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a Snoopy Goodies jar. Only this one had a completely different design on it, but then we hadn't been that specific with our prayers. But a Snoopy jar is a Snoopy jar and I never took that one to work!

I eventually replaced the twice-broken one with an eBay find. And now I have the next size up to go with it!

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