Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gifts Given

Well, I finished my aunt's wall hanging just in time for Christmas and here it is hanging in her dining room/kitchen. It goes so well with all of her furnishings and just finishes off the room nicely.

The block design is the Louisa May Alcott block from Voices of the Past: Vol. II by Kaye England. My aunt was a reading specialist for many years and I thought this choice most appropriate. It's entitled "Little Women."

Also, I made these crazy potholders for my directors at work. They are from this wonderfully bad ballet home decorator weight fabric that is decades old. Someone donated a huge roll of it and we can't seem to make a dent in it! Last year I made them aprons out of the stuff. Wish I had a picture of those. They turned out so cute! We've also covered a three-panel folding screen at work with it-front and back.


Sara said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors! And I am going to have to hunt up the pattern. Little Women is one of my all time favorite books!

Shannon said...

Blog hopping your quilt!