Sunday, December 28, 2008


I intended to share these pictures earlier in the season, but I was distracted by other things. So here they are before the new year turns.
This is a tree topper that my friend Bob Wilbanks made for me in college. My senior year, we made ornaments and angels and sold them in a local shop in Oxford, MS. Bob and I were always doing fun, creative things.

The straw reindeer on the left was bought at IKEA, but it is a traditional Swedish Christmas ornament as is the straw star nearby. The little pine straw wreath below the angel was from a family trip to Charleston.

My sister gave me the Lenox Snoopy and Woodstock in the middle. I have collected Snoopy and Woodstock ornaments since I've had Maisy.

The yellow felt woodblock cat is Walter Anderson's Robinson the cat.

The little guy in red pajamas is probably about 45+ years old. My mother used to buy new ornaments every year, one each for my sister and me. We divided those out three years ago when we sold her house and this is the first year I have put them on my own tree.

The cutie little bunny in the kimono was a find in Tokyo in 2003. I love her. She has other Japanese friends on the tree with her.

On the left, tucked in among the branches, is an Elvis angel that Bob gave me just a few years ago.

The ornaments in this picture are scattered about a bit, so you may have to look closely to find them. In the upper left corner is an embroidered felt heart I gave my mother one year for Valentine's. The little girl on the swing is one that came from her tree as well.

On the bottom near the right corner is an eraser I bought in Sweden to make into a Christmas ornament. We were there during Easter, so it was hard to find anything. It is a Dala horse, a folk tradition in Sweden.

In the center at the top of this shot is my binkie. My sister and I discovered our baby things in a box when we went through Mama's house. In the upper right corner is a partial picture of a stuffed lamb that started my whole crafting career years ago.

The temari ball on the left side is one my dad and step-mother brought back from a trip to the Northwest one time. I actually make temari balls myself, but don't have one on my tree. The ceramic egg with the flower behind the temari ball is one I made when I was doing ceramics. It was for Easter.

The Santa has two smaller Santas inside. The little skiing rabbit was a memento from my one and only skiing adventure in Keystone, Colorado.

The little bear in the tutu has to be about one of my favorite ballet ornaments. Her stuffed little feet are even pointed. That's hard to do! And the little red flocked bird at the bottom was another from the home tree.

The darling little mouse in the red ensemble was purchased for $1.00 at an antique store in Memphis. My sister and I went in close to closing time and got a bit lost in the back. They started turning the lights out and we had to yell to get their attention. I'm sure they were thrilled to have to get the little mouse out of the case and make less than a dollar on the sale. But I think she was worth it.

The cup and saucer on the right are a Martha Stewart ornament from K-Mart a few seasons back.

I found the cool metal icicles at Target last year. They are so much fun on the tree.

This is one of my button men. I made these guys back in the crafting days. There is also a short version, but I don't have one of those. I sold them all. Diana Epstein, who wrote the book Buttons and owns the shop Tender Buttons in New York bought a dozen from me many moons ago after my friend Susan Davis, of Grandmother's Buttons, gave her one for Christmas. My biggest claim to crafting fame!


Beth said...

Hello Lisa! Haven't stopped in to read your blog in quite a while - enjoyed it very much! I LOVE your button man ornament! Have you packed him away already? I'd love to see how he's made. Will you be at this Thursday's Bee? Could you bring him purty please? I've tried to Google for instructions out there in web world. Not much luck. Saw one poorly written set of instructions using paper clip wires. Also enjoyed your gorgeous pictures of the State Park.

Take care & see you soon!

Hugs, Beth C.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your tree is amazing.