Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I gave away two fruitcakes last night at my work Christmas party and was reminded that I had promised to post a picture of the final presentation packaging. Years ago I bought these cute little redbirds and gold tinsel pipe cleaners. My Christmas tree had extra branches at the bottom which I trimmed and used little bits at the top of these cellophane bags. I hate that there is glare on the bag. The cake really shows off quite well-very festive.

I'm not surprised that I forgot to take a picture before heading out the door to the party. When I got home from work, there was quite a scene in the kitchen. Miss Maisy had decided that the fruitcakes smelled just way too good to leave them on the kitchen table. Now, understand, this is just a hypothesis, but there must have been a corner of the ziploc bag hanging over the edge of the table and she just got on her tippy-toes and pulled that thing to the floor. Once on her level, she devoured half of one cake and gnawed on the corner of another. There was still one left intact in the bag (good thing for her.) I was quite displeased to say the least. I am now down to five and a half cakes.

But her actions were not without consequences. I left her in the kitchen while I went to the party and after I got home, we sat on the sofa so I could watch her. Twice we went outside so she could throw up. Here she is feeling all poopy curled up on her favorite pillows. After we went to bed, she threw up one more time on a towel. Today she seems to be back to herself. And the fruitcakes have been moved to higher ground.

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Anonymous said...

is miss Maisy turning into a problem child in her older years? Tell her Sally is disappointed she did not call to share.