Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Look

It's that time. Time to take all my Christmas decorations down for another year. The tree has starting throwing off ornaments, so I need to take it down before it destroys them all. Before everything goes back in a box though, I thought I would share a few last looks with you.

Here are our stockings hung on the dining room mantle. A cousin of my dad's made mine when I was just a wee child. You just don't see that kind of beading and felt work anymore.
This is the first antique I purchased for myself It has served as everything from sweater storage to craft display cabinet. It sits in my back hallway now and holds china, hardware, and dog stuff!
I love this little pine cone elf. The little Santa is the smallest of the set of nesting Santas from the tree.
I got these cool really big bags at IKEA in Atlanta back in October. They are great for hauling quilts or lots of Christmas presents. You can tell how big they are as they cover up my fireplace.

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Anonymous said...

I loved seeing all of your Christmas decorations. Your house looks so festive. Wish I could have seen it in person. Which aunt did you make that great wall hanging for? Hope she loved it.