Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gift Wrap Party

Almost 20 years ago I started having gift wrap parties. I used to buy pretty stationery, but I never wrote anyone. So, I started buying up pretty Christmas paper after the holidays when it was marked down. I would also buy the 250 yard rolls of Sasheen ribbon at the paper company. (3M doesn't make this wonderful ribbon anymore and I have to go to eBay to replenish my stock.) After a while, I had to find a way to manage my ever-growing collection. Thus the invention of the Gift Wrap Party.

My house allows for three large wrapping stations, four if the weather cooperates and you can go outside. Guests bring their presents to wrap and boxes if they need them. I provide all the paper, ribbon, tags, and other supplies they need. There is also lots of Christmas music and plenty of snacks to go around. We all have a great time and learn new tips on wrapping and bow-making. And its fun to see what everyone has bought to give as gifts.

My tree now looks complete with all my presents in place underneath. Maisy has already tried to open her cousin Peggy Su's gift. She's really pushing it this year!


Anonymous said...

I Heard the party was great sorry I missed it. I also heard Maisy struck again. Think you need to call The Dog Whisperer. Ceasar to the rescue. Sally

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your treat is awesome, Lisa!