Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Pipkin House Christmas

My house looks like it is decorated for Christmas year-round, being green with a red door and all. It looks like a storybook house. So my choice of a theme has been gingerbread and candy. Intentions had been to hang triple-swagged lights from the roofline to look like icing, but it has been too cold and wet to get that done. The wrought iron stakes with hurricane globes, red candles and bows were always lined up down the sidewalk at our home when I was growing up. I think there used to be six of them, but one went awol.

Last year, I found these little pre-lit trees and have chosen red and white for ornamentation. They don't stand out as much as I would like. I think they need more shiny red things. The wreath came from my mother's house. Once upon a time, Mama used to make an elaborate wreath with magnolia leaves, fruit, and nuts - a real della robbia piece. And she always had a spotlight on the front door. One year our house won best Christmas display and all we had out were the iron candle stakes and Mama's gloriously spotlighted wreath.

Miss Maisy Belle Pipkin herself had to pose on the steps, one of her favorite places when mommy does yardwork. She has a worried look on her face here. Maybe she's concerned she hasn't been good enough for Santa this year - what with taking money from one of mommy's friends and such. I think she's forgiven. How could you not forgive a cutie face like that!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Maisy is so cute. My doggie's name is Sophie Belle.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so festive. Maisy is so precious and who could not forgive her. Have a Merry Christmas and stay out of the eggnog.