Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too hot to weed

That's what late afternoon here was today-just too hot to do anything outside. And I really got a lot done on the front yard yesterday. So I started on the APQ project just because I couldn't stand it.

Most of my time was spent taking advantage of daylight to group colors. I had started by putting triangles up on the design wall and playing. But that was not getting me very far very quickly. So I decided that I should take chunks of my chosen background color and sort triangles into groups of five complimentary fabrics. This worked much better than the first plan. And I scarcely had to touch my stash at all, only bits of five fabrics. The rest are all Aunt Donna scraps.

I'm sure I'll make some changes along the way, but it put me far enough along that I began assembly on a block. I was so excited to get underway that I almost forgot to read the instructions. That's not like me at all. Having been awhile since I worked with 45° diamonds, it was definitely a good idea to stop and look them over. I don't want any surprises other than how fun the finished blocks look!


Fiesta said...

Lisa, your sewing room looks nostalgic. I like the color combination you have selected for your triangles. What quilt are you exactly making?

Sara said...

Love the look of your sewing room. ANd good luck on that quilt. I saw that one and eyed it, but decided that maybe too big of a project for me to tackle right now...Can't wait to see it finished!