Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WLYS, Part 3: The Finds

So finally you get to see what I brought home from the sale. I spent a total of $20.50 the whole day, excluding food. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Fabric is not something you see a lot of on this route. But I did manage to find four yards of a 36” wide brown foulard print from the 50’s. So cute with the pink, orange, and aqua.

I couldn’t resist the sweet little giraffe even if he did have a small chip on one foot. I have a soft spot for little animals.
4 yards of vintage fabric: $5.00
1 ceramic giraffe: $1.50

Gwen had instructions to be on the lookout for two Westmoreland grape pattern milk glass sherberts. I grew up eating ice cream out of these and found four of my own at a flea market years ago. Then I inherited the six from my childhood making ten total. So I have wanted two more to make an even dozen.

Believe it or not, Gwen had looked from the top of Ohio all the way to Crossville without any success. But then she spotted them at the same stop where she found her bracelet. We were both excited about that. And then I found another one for $1.00 in Dunlap.
3 Westmoreland sherberts: $7.00

Peggy said she thought I was headed to blows with this woman over this Christmas dish towel. At a certain point it becomes the principle of the thing. It had a store price tag of $1.23 on it and was obviously not old. When I asked if she would take a dollar for it, she said $2.00. Said it was 100% Irish linen and over 40 years old. I pointed out that the sewn-in tag said “Made in China” of 100% cotton. And the store tag had a barcode on the back. So she says $1.50. I offer $1.25 saying the price on it had been $1.23. She’s exasperated and says it’s just $1.50. I figure she’s been sitting in the heat all day and just wants to close up and go take a shower before hitting the bed.

Spotted this measuring cup with a full handle and clear markings. I don’t care for the newer stick handles.
Christmas dish towel: $1.50
1 cup Fire King measuring cup: $5.00

Sometimes you run across things that you didn’t know you wanted. Such is the case with the two kitchen appliances I picked up for next to nothing. At the invitation of a well-spoken 4th grader, I checked out a booth of odds and ends that looked left over from the last yard sale. Everything had been reduced to the same low price, so even if something didn’t work, I wouldn’t be out that much.

I have to admit these items were pretty grungy. The electric juicer looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned after the last use. Otherwise both seemed to be in good shape, no cracks or missing parts. So I took a chance and paid the young man. Got them home and discovered to my delight that they both work. Put soap and hot water to them to get the first layer of grime off and finished the cleaning with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (If you don’t have one of these, you should get one.)
Proctor-Silex Juicit: $0.25
Sunbeam immersion blender: $0.25

So there you have it. My account of this year's World's Longest Yard Sale. Maybe next year we can hit the southernmost portion of the trip from Chattanooga down to Gadsden.

Spending the day with friends buying stuff you could live without while driving through a really pretty part of the country: priceless


Sara said...

Lots of great finds! I would love that Sunbeam mixer! Lucky you!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what great bargains. I would love to find a juicer like that. Where does this yard sale start, and end?? Is it the same week every year??