Monday, August 10, 2009

WLYS, Part 2: The Hunt

One man’s trash is another man’s trash eventually. And you see lots of stuff typical of a true yard sale on Hwy 127. So it takes a keen eye and a little time to spot the authentic gems.
Most of it is easy to pass up, but sometimes you see things that just make you stop and give a second look.

Anybody know "Lady of Spain?"

How about a spot of tea?

Sit a spell, won't you?

Nell racked up over two dozen swanky swigs by the end of the trip. Chocolate milk and orange juice just taste better when you drink them out of one of these.

Gwen is an experienced yard saler and thrifter and can quickly sift the treasure from the trash. So when she spotted this great collection of bakelite jewelry I knew she was going home with a new piece.

If I had had $75 to spare, this would have gone home with me.
Do you know how hard these are to find?!

Someone's holding out hope.

Cast iron skillets, milk glass, totem poles, traffic light. OK.

This was the most charming quilt. Had the back story with it and everything. I was pleased the picture came out clear enough to copy the pattern. The M square is under the note to the left and had musical notes. I guess they didn't need X and Z.

I wish I had a wall full of these.

Anyone need a celadon pedestal sink?

How about a sweet rocking horse or a travel trunk for your dolly?

Peggy and I found this remarkable display in downtown Dunlap, Tennessee. The woman selling these things is from Florida and had bought the house that belonged to the yard just so she could set up for the sale. Unbelievable. Nothing more than $2. Just odd pieces of dinnerware and drinking glasses. Peggy found a tall ceramic coffee pot for...$2.

I couldn't resist putting together a collection of odd dishes for the fun of it. But I didn't end up purchasing any of them. Don't need any dishes at my house. I just thought they looked nice together. I wasn't the only one taking pictures at this stop.

Next post, you get to see what I brought home.


Vivi said...

You have a good eye! Neat stuff!

Anonymous said...
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b. said...

oh my goodness.... there were so many great finds in those pictures!!!! cant wait to see what you got!

Laurie said...

Thank you so much for all the photos! I love living vicariously through you -- because I won't be able to go again this year, darn it!! Someday!