Monday, February 22, 2010

Retreat 2010 - The Projects, Part 2

Gail started on a blended triple Irish chain.
I'm looking forward to seeing this progress.

Gwen trimmed down these embroidered blocks in preparation for sashing them together with a purple gingham. These are for a special aunt who specifically requested the gingham.

This is all I can show you of a project Judy W. worked on.
It's a wedding present for her older daughter
who gets married in December.

Virginia completed the piecing on this fun quilt.

Pat started this project with a group of friends swapping 1.5 inch strips of 30's fabrics. At first she promised only to make a pillow top. Well, then maybe a wall hanging. A lap quilt might be doable. At this point, she's not sure how much further she'll take it. No matter what size she makes it, it's pretty incredible.

So far, there are 4200 1" squares in this thing.
You go, girl!

This was someone's pretty stash of vintage repros.
I do love them.

I believe these belonged to Gwen L. She picked up the pieced block patterns in Texas as part of a BOM. She then found her own applique blocks from here and there to add in.

Nancy D. took this pile of strips and turned them into

this bright and happy thing.

Mary had the cutest Dick & Jane fabric sewn up in these darling blocks.

All together, they ended up like this. Good job, Mary.

And the funnest thing on the whole retreat were these houseshoes by Helen. They make me laugh, in a good way.


Mona said...

The embroidered block is beatiful.I love the purple color. Where can I get the pattern?

Lisa A said...

Mona, let me know if you got my e-mail. If not, e-mail me from the "About Me" box.