Sunday, February 21, 2010

Retreat 2010 - The Projects, Part 1

As per usual there were lots of interesting
projects going on at retreat.

Loretta decided to take this on for her first piecing project.
Brave woman.

She started with a pile of fun fabrics,

got lots of combinations cut out and got help
from some veteran piecers,

and ended up with this crazy, pretty thing.
Only how many more to go, Loretta?

Gwen had taken an Album Cross class from
Mariann Fons some years ago.

Retreat was the opportunity to finish it.
I wish this photo showed off the repro fabrics better.

I don't know what Vasha is planning for these
little guys, but they sure are cute.

Cyndi had a whole circus of the adorable Roly Poly animals.

Sometimes it takes a village to layout blocks.
It's nice to have lots of input at retreat when you get stuck.

Serene turned this pile of stuff into

these lovely rows. She made lots more before
the weekend was over.

This is Judy C.'s One Block Wonder.
Her focus fabric has Christmas ornaments all over it.

I would have never guessed.

This was a cuddle quilt she made with some "ugly" fabric.
Looks like it turned out "pretty" well after all.


Bro. AJK said...

Is there a way I can get Vasha's owl block pattern? I want to make an owl quilt for my mother.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

WOW! Some beautiful, colorful stuff going on at retreat this time.

Lisa A said...

Bro. AJK, let me know if you got my e-mail. If not, e-mail me from the "About Me" box.