Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Bee Block and the Patient

Our bee scrap challenge is due to finish in November when we retrieve our own bag of blocks. This is, or rather these are, Ruth Ann's bee block(s). They are paper-pieced birdhouses that she requested in brights.

Hula babies! Aren't they cute.

The pattern shows placement for holes for these birdhouses. I intend to stick a bag of big buttons in with my blocks so she can sew them on when she's ready.

Normally these would be sewn together to create a 12 inch finished block, but Ruth Ann wants to keep them separate until they come back to her so she can mix them all up to suit her final design. However she lays them out, it will be a fun quilt. I think she plans to include her cat in the middle!

The dog baby had to go to the vet today for a little surgery. Her doctor is the sweetest man, just who you would want for a vet. Kind, down-to-earth, practical, and knowledgeable. She had a couple of cysts show up last year, one on each eyelid. This summer one returned on her left eyelid. Unfortunately it did not remain intact over the weekend and today she had it removed.

When I picked her up she was so glad to see me and to get out of "that place." Upon arriving home and after visiting with our 7-year-old neighbor who came to check on her, we went in for a series of small dinner servings and sips of water. Can't give her either too quickly after such an ordeal.

A pain pill and her favorite little pillow seemed to be what the patient required for the rest of the evening. Bless her heart.