Saturday, September 12, 2009


My little patient is doing well. Had a bit of a scare Thursday night. I'll spare you the details, but a follow-up visit to the vet Friday morning reassured me that everything was o.k. and healing continues.

I know she looks awkward in her little blue collar, but she is quite used to it. And she's so cute when she waddles down the hallway and it rocks from side to side.

Great progress is being made on the APQ stars. Backgrounds have now been added to three blocks. Am having to set them aside for a bit while I get ready for a yard sale in a few weeks.

I've already unpacked the sewing room closet hoping to unload some things. But it is hard to part with treasures that I thought I was saving for just the right project. I think those projects will never happen though. I really just want to do the quilting. No more painting or making stuffed toys or counted cross-stitch. Well, maybe a little thread count, but it's low on the priority list.

A handful of spider lilies have cropped up in the backyard. I love these flowers with their delicate petals and parts. In fact, I see them dotting yards all over my part of town. You never know where they will pop up and I like that about them. Random acts of beauty.


The Rabbit Factory said...

Love your 3 quilt blocks...they look fantastic!

Michael and Laura said...

Glad your baby is healing!

Ruth Ann said...

I surely do like my blocks. Yes, I think there will surely be a cat somewhere.