Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A line through a list

A college friend once gave me a needlepoint kit with a canvas that read PROGRESS: a line through a list. This is certainly true for the way I operate even though the list isn't actually written down all the time. The perpetual list is stored in the back of my head.

In sorting through my sewing room in preparation for the yard sale, I ran across unfinished pillows for some outdoor chairs. The tops were made over a year ago using the Jan Mullen wacky half-square triangle technique. They're supposed to coordinate with my porch swing cushions which have long since faded with the sun.

Completion of these pillows marks them off my mental list and frees up just a little more space in my studio. It feels good and they look good, too!

Closets are easily neglected when stuff is piled in front of closed doors. But this one was overdue for an inspection.

I'm so pleased with the way it's organized now. Would you believe there are four sewing machines in there? If you look hard you can spot three of them at/near the bottom. Stuff will still get piled in front of the door but will be much easier to move since there will be less of it.

Somebody came out to the porch with me this morning to take pictures of the new chair cushions. Hair is starting to come back in over her left eye and she no longer needs the collar.

A quick glance my way...

and then back to looking for squirrels.