Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hummingbird update

This morning I am happy to say that my visitor from the day before had regained his strength and flown away from his overnight guest quarters on the deck.

If ever you have one of these lovely creatures in your home, I would recommend you make the room secure and dark and place a perch of some sort up high for it to find. It could be a fake or real plant as long as it is manageable to move once the bird slips into slumber. Also, don't upset it. Try to leave it alone while it is still active.

I was not able to close the doors to my kitchen as I have none, so I just had to count on the height of my ceiling to keep him contained. The hutch is taller than the top of the doors.

And I think I'm going to change the tablecloth in the kitchen before I keep the back door open again. Maybe a nice green for now.


Charllotte said...

I'm glad everything worked out! And, it's good to visit your blog again. Since I started working I haven't kept up with the blogosphere. Seeing yours has encouraged me to check out the others I've been missing lately. I hope you have a good weekend!

Charlotte said...

Um. Yeah. I mis-spelled my name. Lovely.