Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back in Session

We started the new guild year on Monday. It was good to see everyone after being off for August. One of the highlights of each meeting is Show and Tell. It's one of the reasons we endure enjoy the business portion of the meeting.

One of my favorite things was this pair of bags made from recycled grocery bags and packaging plastic. Gerda found the directions in a book copy of Green Craft magazine and was brave enough to try it. Apparently you take a piece of parchment paper, put three layers of plastic on top (after trimming to lay flat,) and then another layer of parchment paper.
Using the wool setting on the iron, press until the layers fuse together. They will shrink some. She said different types of plastic shrink at different rates. Then cut and sew as you would fabric.
This is a dramatic one-block-wonder quilt by friend Elayne.
And this is a great little piece by Nancy. She's in another art quilt group and they experimented with glue resist dyeing.
Our guest speaker was Sally Schneider. She had some wonderful scrap quilts. I really like this one made with Civil War repros.
And this one is called "Skyrocket." I believe I might have to make this one with my 30's stash. She borrows from the Burgoyne Surrounded pattern (one of my favorites) for the sashing. Great idea.
Yesterday I went to my art quilt group meeting. Sally showed these fun and fanciful monster blocks that she is doing. I believe they are part of a BOM series.

I'm still working on pulling out yard sale stuff. Maybe I'll have a chance to get back to the sewing this weekend.

I switched to the new version of blogger editor and it messed up all my spacing, so I went back to the old editor. Anyone have any suggestions? I surely was looking forward to placing pictures in where I wanted them rather than at the top of the post.


Heather said...

We'll have to try the bag thing this weekend, now that my sewing machine is fixed!

I used new editor today - it was fine for me, but I didn't do anything fancy. That's too bad about the spacing. .. .

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I missed guild because I have the stupid flu.

The Rabbit Factory said...

Love all the things you are sharing with us in this post!

Desi said...

I made this quilt for the shop I used to work at. it was new then, so long ago :P. This is such a super cute quilt though!!!!!