Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Ain't Sprung Yet...

Today was the first official day of spring. We have had some gorgeous days this past week. But the nighttime temps are in the 40's and tonight in the high 30's. It may say so on the calendar, but I'll believe it's spring when I don't have to put the coat on to take the pup out at night.

This time last year was Easter week and I was in Sweden. I had walking pneumonia, but I was still in Sweden. And every morning during my stay I treated myself to some hot chocolate made with O'Boy. It's made by Kraft and we don't have it here at home. I still have about half a bag left.

So with the air still chilly, I fixed myself some tonight and added a little marshmallow creme and served it up in this pretty little cup I purchased as a souvenir.

It's made by Laila Bülow Mattson. I spotted her shop on a side street in Tranås and guessed that the word "Hantverk" in the window meant handmade. I was right. She had lots of lovely things including textiles she had designed. I explained that I wanted something I could use regularly to remind me of my trip to Sweden and she seemed very pleased.

Later I found her bio sheet slipped into my bag and read that her wishes and hopes "are to find my pieces of work being used in daily life, showing their unique character, bringing beauty and pleasure."

I believe she has accomplished that at my house.

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Julia Wood said...

Thanks, Lisa - Isn't it a happy quilt?