Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Dogs

Here are a few more snow pictures for you. In the South we get significant snow so seldom that it truly is an event worth recording. At one point in the day Saturday, it was coming down so fast that it reminded me of my visit to Sweden last March.

This lamp is a bit reminiscent of Narnia.

The view from the driveway shows early accumulation.

I hate to show my ignorance as to what this lovely
pink flower is, but it was extra pretty with snow on it.
I have since had it identified as quince.

This is my sister's puppy Lola. If she didn't have the pink collar on,
it might be harder to find her in the snow. I think Dalmatians
were invented to flush out Arctic hares or foxes, or at least
they are perfectly camouflaged for such endeavors.

Maisy spent most of the weekend on the sofa or under
a chair hiding from an energetic Lola. She's sneaking
a sniff while Lola's not looking.

After only a few minutes outside, Maisy was covered with snow.

After shaking it all off, someone was ready to go in for the night.

Snow falling after dark.

Maisy decided the best vantage point for looking at
the snow was from the comfort of a warm, dry sofa.

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AverettLadyNana said...

Your doggy looking at the snow falling from the window reminded me so much of my late Mopsie a Westie we had for 16 years...He loved snow and would have a complete fit when he saw the first flake fall. Had to be outside in it. When made to come in he would get on the back of the sofa by a window and have front paws and chin in the window sill and this body on the back of the sofa under the window watching it. He would only budge from his perch when he was straving and had to get something to eat and drink....if anyone cracked open the door he was outside in a flash.