Sunday, March 8, 2009

Retreat - Last Day

By the end of the weekend, everyone is eager to show off their accomplishments. When I get home, I am always amused by how many pictures I have of people's feet showing below their show-and-tell.

The last picture of the quilt on the right is actually of the back of the quilt. It's one of those One Block Wonder quilts, but the seams on the back were just as impressive as the front.

Virginia W was working on an Irish chain in 30's. I had to take a picture of her work station. Who wouldn't be attracted to such an organized array of all those little pieces.

Virginia B made these two holiday wall hangings for her mother who lives in a retirement community. But she didn't make just these two. She made two more for her mother-in-law who lives NEXT DOOR to her mother at the same facility. And they can't be kinda alike, they have to be EXACTLY alike to keep the peace. She's making a set for the entire year. What a good daughter-in-law.

Here are the few border blocks I actually made.

By noon, our room had cleared out quite a bit. We would all stay longer if we could, but reality calls us home. Projects completed or projects begun, we are likely to see some of them again next year.

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