Sunday, March 8, 2009

Retreat - Good Things Come in Three's

Several people were working on string quilts this year and they were strikingly similar. These bright blocks were made with random scraps by Norma Gene.

This lovely quilt was done by Becky J in 30's prints. She was working on her border during the weekend.

And this spiderweb was made by Joie out of the most scrumptious authentic feedsacks. This picture does not do these blocks justice.

And here is Joie answering a flurry of questions about her project from a bevy of ladies who came over from the other sewing room en mass. I got tickled at how she had attracted so much attention all at once.

At past retreats, I have been known to do some dumpster diving late in the evening. I didn't do so much this year, but I did raid this trash can that was near my station. Got some long 6-8" wide strips of pink with frogs, some bright green strips, a few bits of a black and white, and some white on white chunks. I resisted the temptation to dig any further.

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Julia Wood said...

I've SO enjoyed your retreat posts, though they also made me sad I wasn't there. So many wonderful projects! I only wished I could match faces with the feet!