Monday, February 23, 2009

Retreat - Packing and Set-up

Wednesday was a busy day. The weather was supposed to turn bad late afternoon, so I took advantage of warm, dry temperatures at mid-day to load my car with as much as I could-particularly the big and heavy things like my tables and machine. My sewing table has iron legs and I had temporarily attached one of those magnetic pin wands there a few days earlier. While loading the table, the magnet slid down the leg and fell off. I picked it up and placed it somewhere and then forgot about it.

I drove 12 miles to work. Around 6:30, I drove home...through a rain and hail storm. Back at the house, it was just sprinkling while I loaded the dog and made a round trip (45 minutes) to drop her off with my friend. On Thursday a.m. I drove over an hour via interstate highway to get to the retreat. Upon arrival I unloaded, moved the car, then discovered where I had put the magnet.

I just cracked up laughing. Had to go get the camera and take a picture because I figured I couldn't get anyone to follow me out to the parking lot. Everyone laughed with me. I still can't believe it survived the hail storm!

This is my station. The camp provides 8 foot tables and most folks share with someone else. But after attending a few retreats, I decided to bring my own table because it was a better height for working. I borrowed a t.v. tray for my overflow. You can see my sidekick right in front loaded down with my gear and bag of Hershey's Cherry Cordial Kisses. The 2 x 4 foot ironing board table in the back is mine, but I brought it for community use.

What you can't see is my design wall taped up behind me with my projects stacked high in a rolling cart beneath it. I am just inside the door to our big room, so everyone passes as they come and go. I'm not far from the snacks either.

This is the view from my sewing machine. I can see everyone in the room even if they are kinda far away. You can see how much light is provided by these great huge windows.

Our group has over 50 people, so we can't all fit in one workroom. The other room is on the other side of the dining hall. It is smaller and has fewer windows, but it is cozy and warmer and they have a real kitchen next door with a refrigerator. It is also easier to hear each other with the lower ceilings.

It doesn't seem to matter which room you are in. A good time is had by all regardless and we visit back and forth all the time.

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AverettLadyNana said...

LOL, my magnet wand is missing, I better go check my car for it...that's one place I haven't looked!!