Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Retreat - Day 1

So I gave you a hint at my new project in an earlier post. And I was able to complete the center medallion on my first day. Don't be alarmed that it doesn't look square. That is just the way the design wall is hanging. I was able to cut the three simple inner borders and will add them at a later time as this quilt progresses. I have to say I am quite pleased at the results so far. This is my first feathered star and paper-piecing certainly helped with those points. I even have a true quarter inch seam left all the way around. Don't you love it when a plan comes together.

Thursday night we played Quilt Guild Bingo. You can find instructions for this game in the Fons and Porter September/October 2006 issue. You can download the playing cards from their website. The first block I made several years ago was taken up and used to make a cuddle quilt. My friend Gwen made this replacement block for me. To play we each contributed three fat quarters to the pot.

Finally, after quite a while, I won and got to pick five fat quarters. Later I won a second time and got to pick ten more. I had forgotten to bring my fat quarters from home, so my kind friend Peggy loaned me three. The picture below reflects my winnings after repaying Peggy. I noticed as I was posting this picture that I seemed to have gone for pinks and blues that evening. I think the little pink one in the middle on the bottom may be a Japanese fabric.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your feathered star is gorgeous, Lisa.