Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

You have seen my finds from two years of the World's Longest Yard Sale. And from time to time I've shown you some treasures found locally.

But some of them are just so dawg gone fun that I want to share them with you. So I have decided to do Thrifty Thursdays. This doesn't necessarily mean that I go shopping on Thursdays, just that I show you the loot on Thursdays 'cause it rhymes on the front end with thrifty.

The first item in this series was found this past Monday. So far this Christmas, I have only bought my fabulous remote control outlets.

But when I saw this sweet fellow, I knew just where he needed to go in my dining room. And he came pre-adorned with the lovely poinsettia, red berries, and striped ribbon.

Underneath the thrift store sticker there was a J. C. Penney store sticker with a handwritten price of $4.99. Wonder how old that is?

He had no chips, cracks, or crazing and that left me smiling, too.

ivory ceramic deer = $2.79

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