Saturday, December 11, 2010

So Far Today...

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far today –
- Load of laundry
- Put up porch lights (dang if one stretch doesn’t have two strands out, project for another day)
- Raked and blew all leaves from front yard and curb
- Cleaned out gutter across deck and swept off deck
- Shut off outside faucets prepping for cold temps
- Disconnected and drained garden hoses
- Clear-coated pine cones
-Attached said pine cones to wreathes (they look good)
- Filled urns with Christmas tree leftovers and wrapped base with ribbon
- Decorated top of car

Have not even left the house except to walk down to that yard sale that didn’t happen. About to have some leftover Santa Fe soup and then get in the car and see what errands I can run before everything closes!

Can I say that this is the best invention ever!?

A remote control outlet for cutting your outdoor Christmas lights on and off!

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