Sunday, December 12, 2010

A full day indeed

So the errands took me to three thrift stores where I scored some pretty good stuff.

Forgot to mention on that last post that I had started rearranging some of my kitchen cabinets to make room for my preserves, etc. Was in need of some of those plastic coated wire shelves to maximize space. Found a couple. The small one worked, but the other one was really made for a locker and it was too tall. It did fit under my sink, however, and added a little extra space.

At my first stop I found this.

I don't know that it can take the place of the Naughty/Nice stocking from last year, but it's certainly perfect for my sister's Dalmatian. It was only $2.49 and is in perfect condition.

Come to think of it, my sister's stocking has a dog on it, too! Maybe we could embroider Lola's name on the collar of that puppy at the top.

Picked up another one of these.
Now the push of one button turns off everything!

Have been talking about finding a wheelchair to keep at my house for when my dad comes to visit. He only needs it when we go out, but it's a real hassle to haul in my sister's car when it is full with Daddy, Aunt Margaret Ann, and the dog plus all those gifts and suitcases. Found a nice chair for only $29.95 and it even has the foot rests.

Finally back home I managed a few more chores before collapsing in the bed!
- Unloaded the car
- Installed second remote outlet
- Washed dishes and the shelves
- Positioned shelves in cabinets and promptly filled them
- Had some hot chocolate and an iced sugar cookie
- Put away laundry
- Straightened up sewing room

Tomorrow is another day.


Heather said...

You are impressive!!! Go, girl!

(Oh, and the stocking is adorable)

Philippines Tourism said...
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