Saturday, July 18, 2009

Freebies, etc.

I discovered that the pink zinnias lasted longer than the yellow or peachy colored ones. They spent their last few days on my desk.

A couple of months ago at bee Norma Gene brought a bunch of things to pass along. I picked up two sets of blocks. Each set has 20 blocks per. They are made out of an assortment of fabrics (not all cotton) with some 40's and 50's prints thrown in. I already have a layout for the fan blocks, but I have to make some repairs to a few of the pinwheel blocks as it looks like something chewed on them or they got caught on something at some point.

I also picked up some grandmother's flower garden blocks from the same era. I may copy something my friend Judy did awhile back, but that's on a back burner for now.

I was sewing last night and went outside with the dog when I noticed this cool shadow on the porch from my Ott light shining through the blinds and then through the tabletop. Maybe it was cooler looking in person than in this picture.

My friend Judy W. did this marvelous portrait of her faithful dog Patches and had it at guild this past Monday. Patches passed away last weekend and one of their dachshunds got bit by a copperhead this week. He's o.k., but it's not been a good week for the puppies at Judy's house.

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Fiesta said...

Nice blocks. what exactly will you make?