Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flower Fairy

This is a recreation of what I saw when I left work today. As I approached my car, I spotted a black bucket perched on my hood.

Upon inspection of said bucket, I discovered a bunch of my most favorite flowers happily sitting in the shade in some water. I wonder who left them. Who knew this was my car? Did they mean to leave them for someone else? Didn't matter. They went home with me!

I love zinnias. Such a happy fun flower. They rank right up there with geraniums and peonies and impatiens and lantana and blue hydrangeas as some of my favorites. But I have never really had much luck growing them.

There are zinnias at work this year. My boss and I walked in together today and were just commenting on how beautiful they were and how we had never seen them grown there before.

But this doesn't explain who the mysterious flower fairy might be. And I suppose I don't really care. Maybe I don't want to know because maybe it will happen again sometime. They are in the middle of my kitchen table now, but I may have to carry them around the house with me so I don't miss a minute of pleasure from these bright blooms.

Zin"ni*a\, n. any plant of the composite genus Zinnia, Mexican herbs with opposite leaves and large gay-colored blossoms, a member of the aster family - so named after Professor Johann Gottfried Zinn, German botanist who died at the young age of 32

And a couple of extras for the kitchen window...


SewCalGal said...

Your flowers are beautiful. And I think your Flower Fairy is delightful. How very thoughtful this Fairy is.

I think the Fairy brought them to you because you are a special person, and touch the lives of others in a thoughtful way that you may not realize how much you do to bring cheer to others!


Anonymous said...

I agree with SewCalGal, I think your Flower Fairy is delightful, considerate, kind, unselfish and sweet, everyday and 99% of the time.

I am happy these zinnias bring joy to your life. They do have bright and cheery faces.

You deserve wonderful things to enjoy.

God bless you.