Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bloomin' Cold

Back in the fall the Botanical Gardens had their fall plant sale. I purchased some pansies and some white snapdragons that had supposedly been winterized. The pansies are planted in the bed I made at the side of my yard and have done absolutely nothing. I cannot believe it. Only one plant had a bloom on it and that was before the weather turned cold. The snapdragons have also done nothing. What a disappointment.

But I planted violas in the pots on either side of my walk and will never buy another pansy. The violas are bushy and full of blooms. You can see the snapdragon sticking up in the middle - doing nothing but staying green.

My house came with a camellia at one corner of the porch. I grew up with camellias outside my bedroom window, so I was excited to have an established bush in my yard. A week ago, when we had some sunny days, some of the buds bloomed. I love the dense, ruched center. I don't know the variety, so if anyone can help with a name, I'd appreciate it. There are scores of different camellias out there.


Anonymous said...

I love the violas too, some of mine came back too, I guess from seeds. Sally

Sara said...

So pretty, makes me wish for some warmer weather around here! Its so cold. Thanks for the bit of color and spring!