Wednesday, October 8, 2008


While weeding the beds along my walk Sunday, some guy walks by with his dog and lets him relieve himself on my roses! Right in front of me! I couldn't think of anything to say. And then he proceeds further down the sidewalk and does the same on my irises! Can you believe that? So I decided the space needed a little more definition so, at least, he might think about it next time. I doubt it will work in his case though.

So, while I should have been working on my dad's taxes, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and built a new bed in the front yard. The space under the trees between my yard and my neighbor's has always been a bare spot. Last spring I transplanted irises and daffodils in the area, but once the daffodils died back, it was rather uninteresting and still bare.

I took out a fireplace in my front bedroom (which is my sewing room) a couple of years ago to make room for all my fabric. In doing so, I pulled out a lot of brick and put it out for trash. My next door neighbor couldn't stand to see them go to the trash, so she retrieved them from the curb and has had them stacked up in her front yard for two years. I mentioned awhile ago that I might want to outline a bed, so it will be no surprise to her that I have taken some of them back.

My 6-year-old neighbor Rosalyn on the other side wanted to help me, so I asked her how much dirt she thought I would need to fill the bed. She thought a minute and said three bags should do it. So, I got three bags...and she was right. Pretty smart. Here's a picture of my handiwork. Some violas or pansies will look great there this fall. If you look closely, you can see more brick stacked up under the bench and on the other side of the tree.

By the way, I have finished Daddy's taxes.

Also, I was impressed with raised winter vegetable beds in Rosalyn's front yard. Her dad recycled some reclaimed lumber and fence post pipe. I like the way this looks much better than most beds made of landscape timbers. And it will be easier to take up when they no longer want a garden in the front yard. They plan to put some bark down between rows. I think it's funny they plant in their small front yard when they have a really big backyard that gets more sun. But I guess they have a plan.

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