Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jack-o'-lantern Friends

Halloween is a week away. A couple of houses around the block have gone all out with their preparations. I will take pics when they have completed their set-up. They have become quite the attraction.

Not wanting to seem like a party-pooper, I had to do something. No messy carving for me and I didn't particularly want to buy anything since I'm not a huge Halloween fan. So my friend loaned me a 30" high plastic light-up pumpkin and this adorable guy made from an old propane tank. She picked both of them up from the thrift store for pennies! She says they are pretty common items. It might be fun to have a whole row of odd shapes and sizes to line up on the front porch ledge.

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Julia Wood said...

Very cute idea! I'm not really into Halloween either. We did buy a couple of real pumpkins to sit out the front flower bed, but we're not carving them. Good idea on the hole-y quilt name, too. Thanks.