Monday, January 17, 2011

Bed of Peonies

This is the last of the 45 degree angles. Yay! From what I could find in the Rehmel book, the basic construction of this block is called the Bed of Peonies. However, the variation of the alternating color petals doesn't seem to have a specific name.

Keith sings and this is a Christmas quilt, so I wanted to use these Aunt Donna scraps with Christmas carols printed on them. They have a little bit of sparkle and were bright white before I ran them through a tea bath. That helped soften both the glitter and the stark white. I was pleased with the result.

I almost messed this block up royally. I cut the square for the bottom quadrant a quarter inch too short. I didn't have any more fabric and had already made the flowers, so I really didn't want to start over. I cut some strips of iron-on interfacing and ironed them to the back all the way around. With the strips overhanging each side, I re-cut the square to the proper size. It gives an eighth of an inch of fabric for the seam, but I used a shorter stitch length and the interfacing adheres to the adjoining piece when the seam is ironed to one side. I feel the seam is secure and it sure works for me.

The directions said to cut three-quarter inch wide pieces for the stems, but there is no way they are that thick in the picture. I cut mine a half inch. There wasn't a template for the leaves, so I just cut some slightly smaller diamonds. They work.

Can you spot the first line to"O, little town of Bethlehem" in the diamond to the left? One of my favorites.


Marla said...

Oh Lisa! That is such a beautiful creation! I haven't been on a real computer for months and I see you have been quite busy! What a gift you have!! (She says with quite a bit of jealousy!)

Adriana Martins said...