Monday, August 9, 2010

WLYS 2010 - Preface

Neighbor Peggy and I took this past Saturday to venture out on the World's Longest Yard Sale again. But before I give you the rundown on the day, I feel obligated to share a few things that I found earlier this summer.

In May, when I went to St. George Island, Florida, we visited several antique/junk shops in Apalachicola. I picked up this rustic three-tiered shelf for $10.

Sometime I will show you the big blue wall in my guest room. I have no ideas and too many ideas all at the same time for that wall. In the meantime, I seem to pick up anything that I like hoping it will all make sense in the end.

Back in June, on a trip to a local thrift store, I scored this classic souvenir plate for about $1. It's done in 23K gold. Having just had such a relaxing trip to Florida, it was a fabulous find.

I spotted this paint-by-number owl at another thrift store for only $1.98 and he had to come home with me. Some of his numbers still show through the paint. You can see a hint of that blue wall behind him.

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