Friday, May 28, 2010

Evolution of the Sand Castle

Sand castles built along the shore over the course of our visit took several forms from the most basic to the grandious.

Large excavation of unknown purpose

Your basic mounds with feathers on top
and connecting moats

Mysterious conical shapes atop these mounds.
vents? funnels? or maybe large early tagines?

Artistic elements begin to emerge

Homage to unknown gods

notice the crossed arms

Built for strategic advantage overlooking this inlet.
Maisy seems to like it.

An early attempt at community

Your standard castle with a moat

A fort, perhaps

At last - advancements in technology and architecture result in stone structures built to withstand the advancing tide (or not)

Location, location, location

To put it into perspective...

The view from our upper balcony.
The boardwalk takes you past the dunes right to the beach!

Same view facing west, just a few steps from our door.

If anyone can identify this lovely flower, please let me know. Foliage was a bit like a lily, but this doesn't look like a lily.

Beautiful, yet deadly - oleander.

Spotted on the return. Gwen stopped a few times before scoring a soap aloe plant to take home.

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