Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scottie Dog

The Japanese pastor at work and his wife just had their first baby about two months ago - a little boy named Keitaro. Before he was born, the gal staff gave them a baby wipe and diaper shower one morning. I had thought I would expand this pattern and make a little basket to hideaway those unsightly wipes boxes.

But I was terribly slow at revamping the pattern and I missed the shower.

Then I ran across this adorable free pattern by Denyse Schmidt and I had the perfect fabrics to make it extra special.

I found these bits of children's yukata fabrics when I was in Japan in 2003. I also picked up some odd and end handkerchiefs at the 100 Yen store. That's like our Dollar Tree. I also got Maisy's food bowl there.

The yukata fabrics are a little coarser than regular quilting fabric, so I was hesitant to incorporate them in a larger quilt project. They worked in nicely though for this little guy.

For the strip that joins the two sides, I used a Japanese panel I received as a thank you for making blocks for our sister city quilt swap with Hitachi, Japan. I found it helpful to mark all my pivot points on the strip and clip them before attempting to sew them together.

He turned out so cute. I like him as is, but he may get a red ribbon collar before he goes in the gift bag.