Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yard Sale Day

Well, the big day has come and gone. I'm a wee bit richer and a whole lot lighter after delivering seven boxes to the thrift store.

We had 21 houses running yard sales yesterday in a coordinated effort. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had tons of traffic through the neighborhood. I think everyone considered it a good success. It's raining today.

Gwen joined in my sale and had some nifty things, but even she had to take some boxes off to the thrift store.

Over half of my stuff had already been through at least three yard sales - at my mom's, my sister's, last year in another local yard sale.

Even displayed on this cute electrified cart of Gwen's,
this canister set still wouldn't sell.

Just couldn't give the stuff away.

Late in the sale during a lull, I did walk around the block to check on the three sales one street over. They were done or packing up. But I did manage to find this little friend.

This is Maisy Mouse. I got her for free. She is dressed in her little farm outfit. Even though my sweet puppy is named for her, I didn't have a little stuffed Maisy.

Now she resides in my Maisy's bucket of toys.


Sara said...

OH! Do you still have that milkshake maker??? I would so buy that! Unfortuantely I am in Ohio, but I would still buy it! I love milkshakes!

And I love the Maisy Doll!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Yard sales are always fun - one person's trash is another persons treasure! Glad yours was a big success.