Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Neighbors

I got home last night around 11:00 pm to find three sweet potatoes sitting on my porch ledge. There was no note, just three potatoes. My first, and correct, guess was my next door neighbor Judy. When I called to confirm and thank her, she said she had met a sweet potato farmer and he was giving them away.

This is just a recreation of that sight as the third one is pictured on my plate for tonight's dinner!

Last week we had bee had Becky's house. Norma Gene heads up our guild's membership committee this year and her name and phone number are on the guild's publicity postcards. She got a call from a woman wanting to find a home for a bunch of fabric, so Norma Gene, kind person that she is, offered to take the things. When they connected, the woman had thrown in two quilt tops she had found and had no interest in. The fabric turned out to be mostly blends, but the tops... They were meticulously hand-pieced and in great condition.

This beautiful thing is made with 40's prints and looks just as fresh in these colors as any of today's quilts. If anyone knows the name of this pattern, please let me know.

These charming birds were embroidered in a varigated thread and are probably patterns from the 30's.

Maybe when we need a reprint, since I designed them, I might just put my name on those postcards! Ha!

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