Sunday, April 19, 2009

BQG hosts GSQA

On Saturday our guild hosted the quarterly meeting of the Gulf States Quilting Association. This group is 729 strong with members from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. They held their business meeting, we had lots of show and tell, and then Hallie O'Kelley from Tuscaloosa was the guest speaker.

Hallie has been to our guild before, but I never tire of seeing her work. She rarely buys commercial fabrics. But why would she when she dyes her own and screen prints it. Her attention to detail is amazing. Like this quilt, "Bird of the Andes." The bird is meticulously screen printed and then appliqued.

And this quilt called "Fern Glade" is amazing. She dyed and printed each strip and then sewed it to the adjacent strip lining up the fern fronds perfectly so it appears as if the design were printed on after the piecing. And she hand quilts every one of her quilts.

There were lots of door prizes and I won near the end of the picks but got this pattern book of cutie kitties doing household chores.

The afternoon demonstration covered the process of making one of Ricky Tims' kaleidoscope quilts. We got a handout and I took photos of the examples. Aside from making lots of strata, I think this quilt won't be that hard to make. In fact, it will be harder to pick fabrics for it than it will be to actually put it together.

Since you draw your own pattern, I thought it could be neat to do different sizes and make snowflakes as no two seem to be alike.

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