Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I had today off from work and I hosted my art bee this morning at my house. We were missing a few members, but a good time was had by all anyway. Well, at least until we discovered that my dog had gotten into one friend’s purse and torn a $10 bill in half and chewed the corner off a $5 bill. I have never known her to do this and was mortified. There must have been some good smelling stuff on that cash to attract such attention. The group jokingly accused us of some sort of conspiracy.

Our guild has issued a challenge this year that requires participants to make a 36” round quilt with the theme “_______ Makes the World Go Around.” At the risk of spoiling any surprise, I just have to share the top one of our members brought today for show and tell. It is amazing-a sudoku center with crazy spinning strata to the edge. The little blocks in the nine-patches are pieced. I am not participating in this challenge.

1 comment:

Sunflowersweetie75 said...

I can't believe your sweet baby would eat money!!! I love love love that top it is awesome......my
co-workers just asked if they could order one - ha!