Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pecan Update

Well, I have to tell you that today I dropped off 30 pounds of pecans to be cracked. Family is coming for Thanksgiving and I thought they might get bored and need something to do - like picking out pecans.

A friend at work brought me a genuine pecan-picker-upper. Looks like one of those "What is it?" items from This Old House magazine. Another friend thought it was a potato masher. At least he gets points for creativity. It will get used for sure as I am not through with this pecan project. I just can't stand the thought of pecans being lost to the elements just because no one picked them up, especially since we have such an abundance this year. So I hope to start on my neighbor's backyard some time this week as they just had a baby and will not be spending any time back there. I thought I would have them cracked for them.

The fam arrives tomorrow and I must be off to continue the house straightening. Menu is done and groceries are mostly bought. I might even go get my Christmas tree tomorrow before they all get here. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


jano said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa!! Is your Dad well enough to come? Sure hope so!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope all your family is well. The pecan picker upper looks like Dick's golf ball retriever. Sally