Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Last Saturday Maisy and I went to Pepper Place in search of tomatoes. I found them, but I also saw peaches everywhere. So I bought a half dozen to use making fresh peach milkshakes (a weakness this summer.)

As we turned to head back to the car, I almost stepped on this big basket of what they called "soft peaches." Five dollars for the entire basket. Twenty-nine peaches in all.

It took me forever to peel these things and cut them up to freeze. But I got enough to make three good-sized pies some time in the future. Or maybe some cobbler.

It was explained to me that soft peaches have blemishes caused by a bumpy ride up the interstate or odd wrinkles left when the fruit grows next to a tree branch or limb.

And then there was this guy...


maria said...

It's going to taste delicious in the middle of winter..if you can hold on that long before digging in the freezer.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Those peaches look tasty indeed--except for that last little guy. He looks mean and sneaky.