Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gift Baskets

Last week was spring break around here. I spent the entire time leading up to Friday morning cleaning my house in anticipation of a visit from two special friends from college. We had been planning this trip for over a year and it was finally happening.

Of course, cleaning turns into a bit of spring cleaning the further you get into it. Not that I had the extra time, but as long as I was going through things, I might as well tackle projects as they came up. That meant going through two drawers in my bedroom that turned into a full out closet cleaning and a big bag of things to drop off at the thrift store. Cleaning the kitchen included pulling the knobs off the stove and cleaning behind them. Something I don't think had ever been done, even by the folks who lived here before me. A warmer day in the middle of the week gave me a chance to spray the weeds in my yard. I am happy to report a goodly number of them are dying and I get to spray again next Wednesday if the weather permits.

Wanting to make my guests' visit special I had started before Christmas collecting little things for gift baskets. What started out as a few happies turned into a basket full of all sorts of fun things.

I had purchased this fabric several years ago with the intent of making something fun for these two friends. It's a long story, but Elvis figures in prominently to our annual gatherings.

Being the practical person that I am, what else could they want but Elvis potholders. These were actually supposed to be done back in the fall when we got together, but that didn't happen. They ended up being the perfect backdrop for all the other goodies in the basket.

Our first meal was at Miss Rosemarie's Special Teas. Marta is quite the tea aficionado and I made tea wallets for them to carry in their purses. I love the way they turned out and need to make myself one now!

All stuffed and placed by their beds.

Here's what's in the basket: 2 Elvis potholders, chocolate, tea wallet, shower cap, bath puff, a pack of fancy tissues, a little bottle of Dove body wash, some fun binder clips, a bottle of water, a cup I found at an antique mall, a package of homemade cookies, a special magnet featuring a local landmark, and a welcome brochure I made giving them the house rules and some ideas of what we might do while they were here.

They were tickled. It was worth all the effort, which I didn't think was any effort at all as I enjoyed every minute of making them. Robbie is holding up the cup, from a line of hotel china, I'm sure.

This is a blurry close-up of Marta holding the magnet I found at a local gallery just days before they arrived. Couldn't have been more perfect.

In the spirit of giving, Robbie gave Marta this lovely pair of kitty slippers. They have a thing about cats. Marta gave us a cute pad/pen set for our purses and a nice long pad for the refrigerator.

Robbie brought me a bottle of personalized vino. It's the Hotty Toddy house wine!

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