Friday, December 18, 2009


Yesterday a ballet mom friend - Heather - came over and we played all day. Her dad works at the Apple store and got all these t-shirts to wear, but I gather he's not really a t-shirt kind of guy. Heather decided to take them all and make a quilt, but she'd never made a t-shirt quilt before.

She came with the shirts already cut and the interfacing ironed on the back.

First - up on the design wall in raw form for initial placement. Then they got squared up to as large as the interfacing on each would allow. I did some preliminary calculations on the graph paper and we determined the width of each column.

She had found this fun background fabric with colored snowflakes all over it. It wasn't what she was looking for in the beginning, but it turned out to be just the thing. Of course, the first things cut from the 4 yards of snowflakes was the backing and the outer borders.
Heather was kind enough to send me these pictures as I somehow left my camera at work.

Then the fun began. To make it as large as possible, we added these great strip-pieced stripy pieces. Heather says they look like elf stockings.

Adding in bits of background here and there, it all began to take shape.

Once all the outer borders went on, we pinned it up for one last picture before basting it.

I think the whole thing exceeded both our expectations! It turned out great! Can't wait to hear about Dad's reaction when he opens it Christmas.


Marla said...

Wow, Lisa! I love seeing the process here- and how neat making a quilt out of all of those t-shirts! I still have great quilt aspirations! Maybe I need to come get friendly with my quilting neighbor! *wink*wink*

Happy Holidays to you!

Julia Wood said...

LOVE IT! And y'all did it so fast! Impressive!

Heather said...

Lisa is a GREAT teacher! I was basically the "sewing elf". And I am so grateful she gave so generously of her time. . . . . . :)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Best looking tee shirt quilt i ever saw.