Monday, November 30, 2009

And then there were six.

This past Saturday, as part of our Thanksgiving festivities, my family and I went to see The Blind Side. This has been on my must see list since I first heard about it months ago. Not only does it involve Ole Miss football, but it also involves a couple who were my contemporaries at UM. It’s a pretty remarkable story – one I wish we heard more often. It’s the story of a family who opened their home and their hearts to a young man whose hard life had left him with nothing. Not only did they commit to being a safe haven for him, but they went so far as to become his legal guardians. He became family. They became family.

Friends at work started a project over four years ago. It began when they fostered two little sisters – 22 months and 9 months.

At some point, I decided I would make cuddle quilts for these two girls.

Adoption had been discussed, but the arduous journey through the court system dragged on for years.

And then sister number three was added.

And then sister number four.

And a couple of weeks ago, after much delay and anticipation, their family increased officially from two to six in just one afternoon.

And I got to deliver four quilts to four little girls.


Michael and Laura said...


These are beautiful! I can only imagine what they mean to Frank, Pam and their girls>>>

Barbara said...

So sweet. I'm sure those quilts will be treasured.

Marla Cain said...

Oh how lovely, Lisa! You are so talented! And a beautiful story to boot!

P.S. I went and bought my quilting supplies for Abby's doll quilt. Nothing is as invigorating as purchasing a rotary cutter! ;o)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Beautiful cuddle quilts, precious story.