Monday, May 18, 2009

Game on

It's often said that squirrels are just rats with good p.r. Well, they don't have a lot of good p.r. around my neighborhood - getting into folks attics, digging up perfectly good plants, antagonizing the pets.

Today I planted seeds. It remains to be seen if they will stay planted as the squirrels are all about visiting their old pecan hiding places and retrieving said bounty. And this applies to new places that weren't even here in the fall. Anything with fresh dirt looks like an invitation. Someone is on squirrel patrol under the bench.

If all goes well, I will have coleus, phlox, impatiens, chives, and basil peeking out from the dark soil in about 7-10 days. If not, I may have to make a run to the local garden shop for some bedding plants. But I prefer seeds if at all possible. For one thing, they are cheaper. For another, it's just fun to see something appear out of nowhere, watch it grow, and then eat it a couple of months later.

On the quilting front, I have completed Peggy's second president's block. She wanted flowers this time and I found this picture of a block in a Japanese book over at Mrs. Schmenkman's. (I love her blog. Always so inspirational.) I worked up a paper-pieced pattern in EQ5 and this was the result.

I also completed the embellishment of my small recipe quilt. The sleeve and the label are now attached and it is ready to be part of a larger work entitled "The Cookbook." There are a total of 11 recipes in all created by fellow members of the Birmingham Art Quilters.


Ruth said...

Oh you have a pretty blog here. The flowers, quilts and other sundries are alive and so sweet.

This is a very cool block here, I have never seen one like it. Such complex piecing! I used to make quilts back before carpal tunnel. I still have many cut pieces in a trunk.

Thank you for stopping by to tell me about black Kentucky barns.

amy said...

Hi Lisa! How SWEET is that block?!?!?! I love it! You go, girl! Thanks for the mention!