Thursday, October 28, 2010


As I have said before, I'm not one for decorating at Halloween. But I've seen so many cute buntings on blogs this year that I decided that could be something simple and easy to store after the holiday.

So I went through the stash pulling purple, orange, and black fabrics and bought a few to supplement including the cute black cats on orange.

A couple of the light-up pumpkins are mine from thrift stores, but the really big ones are borrowed.

They are really bright at night.

I think I spotted a little furry goblin on the sofa.

Hit hard

Last Sunday night around 10:30-11:00 pm our neighborhood was hit with some pretty terrific winds - possibly even a small tornado. We had hail the size of marbles and leaf debris plastered to the west side of our houses. It was so unsettling it didn't occur to me to take pictures at the time.

The next day I ventured out to this scene just a couple of blocks up the hill after someone posted pics online.

This one tree hit three cars.

It still had two sections of sidewalk, a length of curb, and chunks of pavement attached.

A neighbor who lives south of the boulevard posted these shots on her blog. Mavis, whose house has the tree resting on top of it, is one of our ballet moms.

The hail weakened the gutter on the back of my house and Wednesday a.m., after a brief driving downpour, it fell.

I feel I can scarcely complain though considering others suffered so much damage. Some will be out of their homes for a while till repairs can be done. I know of at least five homes that had damage and lots of trees with broken limbs. Lots of vehicles hit by tree limbs, too.

We've had company!

Neighbor Peggy has had a lot of work done on her house lately-a new roof, newly glazed windows, repainted exterior trim. The biggest project of all, however, has been the repair and refinishing of her hardwood floors-upstairs and down. You can imagine what an ordeal this has been.

So for the past week plus, Peggy and most of her fur babies have been bunking in with me and Maisy. Her dog Bandit has enjoyed his own retreat elsewhere with an energetic 5th grader.

Mugsy was not real sure of the whole situation upon arrival last Wednesday morning. He decided his best vantage point was from the end of the bed in the guest room.

Ferrets Taz and Ringo, on the otherhand, have enjoyed all the comings and goings next to the back door in the kitchen.

They are either very active

or very asleep.

They are very quick to follow you, especially if you have a camera.

Most of my attempts to photograph them have resulted in "nose" shots.

Mugsy has finally ventured into the rest of the house and drinks from Maisy's water bowl. That green in the placemat sure brings out his big green eyes.

Maisy likes that the ferrets toss food out of the cage.
She is happy to clean up after them.

All in all, everyone has gotten along quite well, including the humans.

Peggy has great looking floors now. The furniture is all back in the house and everyone will head home when the fumes die down a bit.

I'm hoping Maisy won't have too much withdrawal.